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Steward Family Office provides family members and business managers with customized reporting that enables informed decision making.

  • Prepare customized balance sheet displaying the family assets by asset class and owner.

  • Balance sheets contain high-level overview of assets owned by the entire family as well as assets owned by each family member or entity.

  • Asset classes can be customized by the family, but typically include:

    • Market Assets

    • Personal Assets (homes, cars, artwork, etc.)

    • Private Equity Investments

    • Venture Capital Funds and Limited

  • Work with family members to create a cash flow plan which includes expected expenses and income from all sources.

  • Plan for the funding of cash shortfalls and how cash surpluses will be reinvested.

  • Facilitate the needed transfer of cash between different entities to provide for the cash flow needs of the family and their entities.

  • Identify and explain variances to cash flow plan.

  • Prepare cash flow plans by entity and for the entire family.

  • Prepare long-term cash flow models based upon expense and investment assumptions.


  • Maintain detailed bookkeeping records for the family and/or their entities.

  • Prepare monthly or quarterly profit and loss statements that display income and expense at both a summary level, by client-defined category, and at a detailed level, showing transaction-level detail.

  • Review income and expense reports for variances and inquire into variances on behalf of the family.

  • Provide income and expense information to accountants and business managers on a regular basis.

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