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Timothy Winter


Timothy is the president and owner of Steward Family Office, a multi-family office dedicated to simplifying the lives of ultra-high net worth families by actintg as their personal CFO. Steward Family Office currently serves 6 families who acquired their wealth in the technology, real estate, and medical device industries. Prior to forming Steward Family Office, Timothy was a vice president at Merrill Lynch Family Office where he was responsible for overseeing the group's west coast relationships. After over a decade at Merrill Lynch Family Office, Timothy set out from Merrill Lynch to form an independent family office specifically tailored to meet the various financial and administrative needs of ultra-high net worth clients. Timothy has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of consolidated performance reporting, family meetings, real estate investment analysis, insurance consulting, tax and estate administration, cash flow management, and review of private equity investments. Timothy is a Certified Financial Planner and obtained his B.A. in Business Management from Oklahoma Christian University and Masters in Finance from Texas A&M University. He lives with his wife and four children in San Diego County where he enjoys coaching his sons' soccer teams and teaching elementary children at Emmanuel Faith Community Church.

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