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Steward Family Office works with family members and various professional advisors to ensure that financial and philanthropic desires are clearly communicated to successive generations.

  • Consult on philanthropic structures that are most appropriate for meeting charitable and tax goals.

  • Review existing philanthropic entities.

  • Coordinate the timing of gifts to charities and foundations to maximize the tax benefit received.

  • Track distribution requirements of private foundations.

  • Manage the ongoing administration requirements of chartiable entities.

  • Facilitate meetings of philanthropic professionals and family members.


  • Consult on estate planning strategies utilized by other clients of Steward Family Office

  • Work in conjunction with attorneys, accountants, and other client advisors to review existing estate plan and make needed changes.

  • Facilitate the ongoing administration of estate plan such as making GRAT and loan payments, obtaining valuations, and tracking entity activity.

  • Evaluate the effect of using life insurance in estate planning entities.

  • Track performance of estate planning vehicles.


  • Organize and plan meetings between advisors, topical specialists and family members.

  • Keep minutes of family meetings, distribute minutes between participants, and follow up on actions to be taken as a result of meetings.

  • Prepare and present educational material to entire family or subset family groups.

  • Work with family to prepare for the ongoing administration of family affairs subsequent to the passing of a family member.

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