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Steward Family Office manages the logistics of assett ownership so that family members are free to enjoy their assets.

  • Review existing entity structures and create entity summaries.

  • Manage the ongoing administration of non-operating entities including the following services:

    • prepare state filings

    • maintain records of company minutes

    • administer federal and state tax payments

  • Coordinate with family attorney on the formation of family entities.

  • Provide impartial advice related to the aquisition or disposition of assets such as a home, aircraft, or yacht.

  • Analyze financial impact by creating pro forma financial statements for the owning entity.

  • Review and summarize documents associated with the disposition or aquisition of assets.

  • Work in conjunction with family attorney and accountant to recommend ownership structures that are tax efficient and provides legal protection to owning family members.

  • Perform annual review of all property and casualty policies to determine the need for policy adjustments.

  • Work in conjunction with insurance brokers to price insurance program every other year so that competitive cost of insurance program is maintained.

  • Manage changes to insurance policies as assets are aquired, sold, or modified.

  • Implement procedures for automatically adding coverage for certain types of assets such as art, wine, jewelry, and antiques. 

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