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Steward Family Office provides families with more time by handling the administrative duties that are often left to family members.


  • Families receive a dedicated team of professionals that know their travel preferences and personal information to make the booking process a seamless one.

  • In conjunction with a worldwide concierge operator, Steward Family Office is able to offer clients the following services:

    • Assist with making travel accomodations including airfare, hotel, and tours.

    • Identify local specialists such as tutors, dog-walkers, and property managers.

    • Obtain access to exclusive venues, private tours, and limited events.

    • Generate ideas for memorable experiences based upon the feedback of other clients with similiar interests.


  • Compile and provide the following tax information to the family CPA for the preperation of income tax returns:

    • 1099s, W-2s, and K-1s

    • schedule of personal loans

    • estate planning transfers

    • tax information for private equity and real estate transactions.

    • deductible expenses such as charitable contributions, real estate taxes, and professional fees.

  • Provide CPA with quarterly income estimates for the purpose of making estimated tax payments

  • Review tax returns to ensure information provided to CPA is reflected in returns.

  • Administer federal and state tax payments.

  • Work with CPA to suggest and implement planning ideas.


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